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Are you trying to figure out a way to light up a garden path, sidewalk entrance or accent an area of your deck, balcony or porch? Are you worried about the time and expense it would cost to install and wire a set of deck lights outdoors? Consider purchasing a post solar light which will compliment any deck decor outside.

In just 20 minutes, you can have a beautiful illuminated deck with outdoor solar lights and an ambiance that will look forward to year after year.

Solar lighting has become very popular because there is no wiring involved plus there are a wide variety of choices on the market. If you look at the work of most serious landscapers,  you will have to work hard not to find solar lighting somewhere in the design. Solar lighting is easy to install by the average homeowner, is inexpensive and is energy efficient.

Post Solar Light

Many homes have a back porch or front porch light that floods the perimeter area with very harsh light which is not conducive to creating a ambiance for entertaining.

Poorly positioned lights (light glare) have the potential to blind people when seated or standing and the wrong type of lighting can cast shadows on walkways or decks which can be dangerous for walking at night. What is the solution? Solar lighting.

Even though this site is dedicated to post solar lights, I will quickly mention the three other types of deck lights so you can expand your knowledge of the types of lighting available.

Solar Deck Lighting Styles

There are many types of solar lights available but there are 3 basic types of deck lighting. Accent lights, post deck lights, recessed deck lights.

Outdoor accent lights are used pretty much like they are used indoors – to provide accent lighting to a certain area. Solar accent lights come in an array of styles. Just shop around a bit to find the one that suits your needs and personal style.

Post Solar Lights are larger lights that affix to the top of a deck post or railing. Generally the fixture displays light 360 degrees so this type of solar lighting is perfect for a deck entrance or steps.

Recessed Solar Lights require a little bit more work to install but is worth the effort if you have time. Recessed lights are mounted flush to the deck and make perfect perimeter accents.

Solar Light Facts and Questions

Q: How does solar lights get their energy? Solar lights convert the energy from the sun into useable energy that is stored in a rechargeable battery. There is a timer in the fixture that allows the light to turn on when dusk arrives.

Q: How long do the solar rechargeable batteries last? Generally speaking most solar batteries last 1000 nights of use. After that, they are easy to replace. Check the manufacturers information on replacement policies.

Q: Are the LED Lamps replaceable? No, however, most are built to last over 25 years therefore are designed to not burn out.

Q: Where can I purchase solar lights? Most garden and hardware centers like Home Depot and Lowes have a limited selection of in ground solar lights but post lights generally have to be ordered online.

Below are some other sources of solar lighting for your home.

Solar Light Station has some unique path lights and good deals.

– For perhaps some of the most unique and different solar items around, Solar Lights Gadget takes the cake.


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